Chloebabes~ (shychloe) wrote in battle_royale,

Battle Royal Limited Edition Boxset

Anyone else have the Battle Royale Limited Edition Boxset? It had three discs, postcards, a double-sided poster, a comic and booklets. I really liked the comic.
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Got it, and it's incredible. The subtitling is...well, I've said everything I need to about it on IMDb (the OMG Blu Ray thread, I post as caissas_deathangel) but it's of mixed quality relative to the Tartan version. The picture quality in this is very very good thoughm as are the extras.

Highly recommend this set!


April 3 2011, 08:27:52 UTC 5 years ago

Great boxset with some nice bonus materials and graphics novel. Posted some caps on the screenshot thread on and the yahoo group. It's not the best picture out there( soft at times, muted colors and black levels tend to be a little on the gray side) but it's the best version available in terms of video and audio. Highly recommended! :)